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SACP/SSP Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Technical Program

Hannah Kaplan, Ph.D.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
“Analysis of the Asteroid Bennu as Part of the OSIRIS-Rex Mission”

OSIRIS-REx is a spacecraft mission to near-Earth asteroid Bennu that has collected and will return a sample from the asteroid to Earth. Two spectrometers on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft measured the visible, near-infrared, and thermal-infrared wavelengths of light reflected or emitted from the asteroid over multiple years of observation. This spectral data can be used to determine the chemistry and mineralogy of the asteroid, which in turn tell about its origin and geologic history. Major findings from the spectrometers include: the presence of hydrated minerals across the surface of Bennu, organic materials, and the minerals magnetite and carbonate. Dr. Kaplan will describe the OSIRIS-REx mission, asteroid Bennu’s history, and future asteroid exploration through the lens of infrared spectroscopy.

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The monthly meeting will be held in the Power Center Ballroom, Duquesne University. Registration is required.

5:00 PM – Social Hour
6:30 PM – Dinner
7:15 PM – Business Meeting
8:00 PM – Technical Program

PARKING: Duquesne University Parking Garage entrance is on Forbes Avenue. The Power Center can be accessed from the 8th Floor of the Forbes Garage. Bring your parking ticket to the dinner or meeting for a validation sticker.If there is a special event, please note that you are there for the SACP/SSP meeting.

We are no longer taking reservations for in-person.

Registration opens soon.

Attend Virtually
The monthly meeting and Technical Program are accessible via the Zoom platform. Registration is required.

7:15 PM – Business Meeting
8:00 PM – Technical Program
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About Program Speaker
Dr. Hannah Kaplan is a research space scientist in the Planetary Systems Laboratory at Goddard Space Flight Center. She uses infrared spectroscopy to understand the composition of planetary surfaces, asteroids, and meteorites, with the goal of determining the distribution of water and organics in our Solar System. Dr. Kaplan is a member of the OSIRIS-REx science team and the Lucy L’Ralph instrument science team.



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