Removing the 4 Walls of the Classroom and Becoming a Teacher of the Community

SSP Technical Forum
Jonte’ Lee, Calvin Coolidge High School

“Removing the 4 Walls of the Classroom and Becoming a Teacher of the Community”

We are teaching in unprecedented times. Our classroom has transformed into our living room, and we are interacting with students via web cameras and chatrooms. How can we, teachers, deliver dynamic and engaging lessons online? Is it possible to build a strong student/teacher relationship when you may have never met your students face-to-face? During this workshop, I will demonstrate that the classroom is everywhere and not bound by four walls inside of a building. We will cover how to build a robust supportive classroom community and, most importantly, how to check for understanding in a virtual environment. We are not just teachers; we have the superpower of turning nothing into something. We will tap into our creative tool kit and produce energic lessons.

Jonte’ Lee has been teaching STEM in DC Public Schools for eight years. Before becoming a high school teacher, he worked in the corporate sector as a marketing specialist. His first call to teaching was when he volunteered for the Big Brother Big Sister program while working in the private sector. There Jonte’ would read to his little brother twice a week. He first taught college in the school of business part-time while still working in corporate America. It was through “Ready To Teach,” an alternative teaching certification program at Howard University that he earned his teaching license, enabling him to become a full-time teacher. Through teaching, he found his life’s passion, and cannot see doing anything else. Jonte’ enjoys making meaningful connections with students, and pushing them academically forward. His greatest joy is seeing them grapple and learn a concept.