Elementary School Science Olympiad Program (ESSOP)

Changes to 2020-21 ESSOP Grant Program

Due to the pandemic and COVID-19 restrictions, the Elementary School Science Olympiad Program (ESSOP) will not have a workshop presentation on creating and implementing a science olympiad program in your school for the 2020-21 school year.

Unfortunately, Central Elementary School, Heritage Elementary School and St. Monica Catholic Academy will not be permitting any visitors to their science olympiads.

However, schools can still complete the grant application to apply for materials for their science olympiad program.

The deadline for grant applications was February 26, 2021.

What is a Science Olympiad?

A Science Olympiad consists of different hands-on events where students take an active role in exploring science topics related to the school’s science curriculum. The events can be scheduled to occur as half-day up to three-day competitions.

The program helps students of all abilities succeed in science by making science fun and exciting. It is designed for students in grades 4 through 6; however, it can be adapted to include lower grade levels.

Each event, either competitive or non-competitive in design, meets the current National Science Standards, as well as the Science Standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

What is ESSOP

The purpose of the SSP Elementary School Science Olympiad Program (ESSOP) is to excite, inspire, challenge, and foster the fun side of science for all elementary students of all abilities.

The ESSOP provides information, manuals, training, and grant money for teachers and administrators to promote Science Olympiad programs in their schools or districts.

Apply for ESSOP grant
The Elementary School Science Olympiad Program grant is available to provide seed money to help elementary/middle schools develop and implement an inclusive science olympiad program within their school.

Grants up to $2,500 per school will be awarded for equipment and materials related to the Olympiad. Grants are issued on a first come, first served basis.

(Submissions are now closed)


Contact the SSP with any questions:
412-825-3220, x215


Attend a Sample Science Olympiad
Teachers and/or administrators who plan on developing a Science Olympiad at their schools are encouraged and invited to attend one of the Science Olympiads in May:

  • Central Elementary School
  • Heritage Elementary School
  • St. Monica’s Catholic Academy

Attending one of these schools’ olympiads allows interested parties to see, first-hand, actual events of a Science Olympiad and to get ideas to help implement an olympiad of your own. The dates, times and how to register to attend one of the participating school’s science olympiad’s will be available after January 1.

When planning the development of an Elementary Science Olympiad Program, the following details should be noted. The mission of the SSP is to award grants for a program in which all students, across grade levels, participate. The ESSOP Program is not meant to provide a competitive event for an elite few top science students, but to help promote science education for all students of all abilities within your school.

The SSP-ESSOP is striving to continue its expansion throughout the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region. It is the hope of the ESSOP committee members that the Elementary School Science Olympiad Program is one that will be developed in your school building/district.


Contact the SSP
with any questions:


412-825-3220, x215